November 7-8, 2023

Understanding Demand Response (Virtual)

Course Overview

This course introduces defines demand side management strategies with deep dive exploration of all things demand response.   
 Students will examine the application of both demand side management strategies and the implementation of demand response in residential, commercial and industrial settings. Furthermore, this course unpacks the communication, configuration and platforms of automated demand response and will identify typical virtual node load configurations for ADR strategy implementation

Who Should Attend?

Operators, Facility Managers, Technicians, and Utility Program Managers 

Registration Info

Provider: D&R International

Date: November 7-8, 2023 

Time: 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.

Length: 2 days

Platform: Online

Capacity: minimum of 10 attendees: maximum of 50 attendees 

Estimated Enrollment Fee

SCPPA MEMBER RATE (per attendee)

$140 - $ 700

(NOTE: the actual cost will be based on the final number of attendees and billed directly to the respective utilities. SCPPA Members do not need to make any payments online.)  


   (626) 793-9364 ext. 212