October 26, 2022 - October 27, 2022 

Leadership: eXECUTING FOR SUccesss



Velociteach’s 2-Day Leadership: Executing for Success Course teaches the difference between leadership and management.  We teach the best practices of successful leadership, how to articulate vision and align a team, motivate others, negotiate and collaborate, and navigate through conflict. Most importantly, students will learn how to lead through the many changes inherent in managing a functional or project team.

In this 2-day course, students will learn the nine fundamental steps of leadership and how they apply.  In addition, students will gain the foundation needed to lead teams and individuals more effectively and see the results translate directly into teamwork and deliverables.  Students will also take a comprehensive personal leadership assessment and experience hands-on practice of leadership concepts.

Who should attend?

Members of the Project Management Office, Project Managers, Functional Managers, Business Analysts, and anyone who wants/ needs to learn how to lead others more effectively.

estimated Enrollment Fee 


$900 - $940

(The actual enrollment fee will be based on the actual number of attendance.)


(626) 793-9364 ext. 212